veviereoHome grown opportunity

Nadia Cardozo’s journey to become the head of UPM’s tree nursery in Sarandí del Yí has not been an easy path. However, through her determination and eagerness to learn, Cardozo now leads a nursery of 120 employees.Following her dream of becoming an agricultural engineer, Nadia Cardozo is now the head of UPM’s eucalyptus tree nursery in her hometown of Sarandí del Yí in central Uruguay. Her journey towards this current position has not been easy, as being a woman in a male-dominated field she has felt the need to work harder than her male colleagues to prove her professionalism.

trab upmBuilding a better future

Volfer Ingenierias took on a commission to build temporary housing modules for the construction workers of UPM’s new Paso de los Toros pulp mill. Despite having no prior experience, Volfer successfully delivered over 1,000 modules, which led to the company’s rapid growth.The construction of the Paso de los Toros mill provided both employment opportunities for around 6,000 workers and created new business prospects for local entrepreneurs. Among them are Emmanuel and Fabricio Romano, owners of Volfer Ingenierias, a company commissioned to build temporary housing modules for the mill builders.

upm2 gigantesThe giant of Paso de los Toros

The construction of UPM’s world class pulp mill in central Uruguay has required thorough planning, years of committed work and Finnish “Sisu” in turbulent times.At the end of May 2023 a historic chapter has just concluded. The largest ever investment in the history of UPM, the Finnish forest industry, and Uruguay, has culminated in the start-up of the new UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill.

eucaliptusEucalyptus expertise

UPM’s new forestry research centre in Paysandú, Uruguay, is focused on developing the best possible genetic materials for tree plantations. R&D has a crucial role in supporting operations as the company prepares to more than double its production of eucalyptus pulp.UPM’s first forestry research centre specialising in eucalyptus plantations was inaugurated in May 2022, bringing together more than 30 years of the company’s accumulated knowledge.

hugoHugo Simberg’s commissioned work stands the test of time

Hugo Simberg's perhaps most famous commissioned work has been ageing well. With its upright posture and demanding presence, the UPM Griffin is the oldest Finnish business symbol still in use.It is 150 years since the birth of the Finnish painter and graphic artist Hugo Simberg (1873-1917). The UPM logo has also been in use for over 120 years.

Arabia Saudí petroleoArabia Saudí planea reducir el suministro de petróleo a EEUU

Riad prometió recortar la producción de petróleo el próximo mes en un 10%, según publicó el diario financiero 'Bloomberg', limitando sus exportaciones a EEUU y Europa.De acuerdo a la publicación, este recorte unilateral reducirá la producción a solo 9 millones de barriles por día, la cifra más baja desde 2011, exceptuando breves interrupciones durante la crisis del COVID-19 y el ataque yemení a sus instalaciones.

ggWound dressing FibDex® to be clinically tested for treatment of superficial dermal burns

UPM Biomedicals’ innovative wound dressing FibDex is undergoing a clinical investigation of performance and safety in patients with superficial dermal burns. The clinical investigation will be conducted by the Burn Centre of Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, and is estimated to be completed in the beginning of the year 2025.