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What are the current and future benefits of working with UPM and using UPM Euca pulp? See the key takeaways from our Euca webinar sessions.Sustainability is the key to every step of the process.UPM takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. It’s the foundation for all operations from tree nurseries and community engagement to pulp production. This is proven by third party verified management systems, certifications and labels – as well as recognitions based on transparent reporting and data. 

Production focuses on stable quality
Secured by skilled professionals, process reliability is a crucial element when designing and operating pulp production. UPM wants to ensure the high availability and maintainability of its pulp mills – the key to stable quality and a feature that UPM’s customers value the most.

The high quality and stability of processes and products go hand in hand and can only be achieved by excellent pulp mill availability.

Balanced pulp together with customers
During the past 15 years on market, UPM Euca pulp has established its value for tissue and specialty papers, board as well as printing and writing.

UPM Euca is produced from two eucalyptus species to ensure its high quality. The combination of their different properties results in a balanced pulp. Its softness and strength make it suitable for various end uses. 

UPM is continuously in discussions with customers to further develop UPM Euca. A great example of our close cooperation is the recent trial production of talc-free eucalyptus pulp.

Solid logistic network ensures supply flexibility
Pulp logistics focus on securing the consistent supply of high-quality pulp to UPM’s selected markets. We aim to ensure the readiness, traceability and environmental performance of our comprehensive logistics network. 

Competitive and environmentally friendly logistics rely on an expansive network. UPM is currently expanding its network due to new volumes, and also adding to the current broad network in APAC and Europe, with North America as our new market.
For more information on UPM Euca, watch our webinar.

UPM FINLANDIA - 21 Marzo 2023