chips maderaChinese imports of hardwood chips reached a record high in 3Q

Simon Matthis

The 3Q/18 brought development in East Asia, as Chinese imports of hardwood chips reached a record high and Vietnam expanded its market share at Australia's expense, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

In the 3Q/18, Chinese importation of hardwood chips reached a record high, and Vietnam substantially increased its shipment as compared to 2017, reports the WRQ. While the average import price has only increased slightly in the past year, Australian prices have gone up substantially from the end of 2017.

ambientes forestalesSmall business owners in troubles when bigger companies take time with paying bills (YLE)

YLE reports about the problems small business owners are facing if larger companies are late paying their bills. The practice is increasingly common. Among other things, the automation giant ABB has recently turned to several Finnish companies with a letter where the company announces that the payment period is extended to 90 days. When asked about its payment terms, Stora Enso's communications director Satu Härkönen responded that "these are confidential terms of agreement that we negotiate and agree on." Third parties are not informed about them.

KEMIRA 2Kemira achieves Gold Status in EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment

Kemira has been awarded the Gold Recognition Level for the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance for the fourth consecutive year by EcoVadis, a collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. With a score of 75/100 points, Kemira is among the top 5% performers evaluated by EcoVadis in the category of chemical industry.

eucaliptos arboles¿Por qué Ence Navia trae eucalipto de Huelva cuando hay suficiente en los montes de A Mariña?

La fábrica de Ence Navia consume grandes cantidades de madera de eucalipto cada día. Se calcula que unas 5.000 toneladas diarias. El flujo de camiones es constante y la madera desaparece prácticamente en cuanto es depositada en la factoría naviega. Este año han llegado al muelle comercial de Mirasol, en Ribadeo, varios mercantes procedentes de Huelva cargados con madera de eucalipto. Es madera de Ence, pero, ¿le compensa fletar buques desde Huelva cuando tiene madera suficiente para abastecerse en los montes de A Mariña?
Llegan a Ribadeo barcos con miles de toneladas de eucalipto desde Huelva

camion transporteEn la búsqueda de profesionalizar el transporte de carga terrestre

Daniel Jurburg trabaja en la Universidad de Montevideo en Centro de Innovación en Organización Industrial, (CINOI) y está trabajando en un proyecto que se denomina Transporte de Carga Sustentable (TCS), dando cuenta a CRÓNICAS que “es un proyecto que está liderado por ITPC (Intergremial de Transporte Profesional de Cargas del Uruguay (terrestre) en tanto nosotros desde el CINOI lo estamos ejecutando sobre todo en lo relacionado con las actividades técnicas”.

El entrevistado hizo referencia a que la cofinanciación del emprendimiento corre por cuenta de ANDE (Agencia Nacional de Desarrollo del Uruguay) y apoyado por el Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas.

 celulosa12The price of pulp and demand drop in China

The demand for pulp has been low in China this autumn. The situation has surprised Metsä Board. The company has changed its guidance for October-December. According to Inderes' forest analyst Antti Viljakainen, no profit warnings are expected from Stora Enso or UPM. Stora Enso's guidance and UPM's comments on the whole year and the second half of the year have been wide-ranging. However, as they operate in a comparable business, Stora Enso and UPM will encounter the same issues that Metsä Board did, said Viljakainen.