genelec parlantesGenelec is the forerunner in audio quality

Founded in 1978 the Finnish Genelec is the world’s pioneer in active monitoring and its innovative active monitors receive praise from professionals around the world. Genelec speakers combine a stylish design featuring rounded edges and unique technology which together provide superb acoustic properties.

Genelec is also a frontrunner when it comes to materials. As a part of Genelec’s on-going sustainable initiatives, the M Series monitors feature UPM’s innovative biocomposite UPM ForMi in their enclosures. Not only is the biocomposite an environmentally responsible material with as much as 50% made of natural, renewable fibres from sustainably managed forests, it also has many other visible – and audible! – benefits. UPM Formi is even better than it sounds
UPM Formi is a cellulose fibre reinforced biocomposite specially designed for injection moulding applications. It supports efficient lean manufacturing process and an enclosure whose design features rounded edges and gently curved front and sides to provide minimised cabinet edge diffraction and superb imaging. Also the touch and feel of the material is pleasant. Sustainable design has never looked and sounded so good!

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UPM  -   FINLANDIA  -  18 agosto 2014