Mundial del AguaSemana Mundial del Agua 2018

La Semana Mundial del Agua pone el foco en el creciente impacto de los fenómenos extremos. El mundo debe encontrar nuevas soluciones basadas en la naturaleza para satisfacer los crecientes retos globales del agua. Esto se discute en Estocolmo, Suecia, del 26 al 31 de agosto con líderes mundiales, expertos en agua, profesionales especializados en desarrollo y consejeros delegados.

La Semana Mundial del Agua 2018 se celebra bajo el lema “Agua, ecosistemas y desarrollo humano”, una cuestión de gran relevancia dados los muchos eventos extremos del año pasado.

En las últimas semanas, Suecia ha estado plagada de incendios que causaron estragos hasta el Círculo Ártico.

forest industry ARBOLESFinnish forest industry a pioneer

Susanna Koski, MP and member of the agriculture and forestry committee, writes about the forest industry in Finland and elsewhere. According to her, Europe has been suffering from dryness and forest fires this summer. Extreme phenomena like these will become more and more common due to the climate change. The forest industry, especially the Finnish responsible and innovative forest industry, has notable chances to be involved and to be a pioneer when it comes to decreasing the effects of the climate change. If all forests in the world was managed like in Finland, fighting the climate change would be much easier. Koski mentions that according to latest news, Stora Enso and Orthex will bring kitchen utensils made of biocomposites to the market. Their carbon footprint is up to 80% smaller than the footprint of plastic products.

maderas finlExpensive defeat to wood sellers

The editorial discusses the so-called wood cartel case and how municipalities of Salo and Somero have to pay approximately EUR 230,000 of legal expenses, like other involved municipalities. The dispute ended with a defeat to municipalities in the summer. Private forest owners gave up already before. Metsähallitus is the only party that took the case to the Court of Appeal and wants to take it to the Supreme Court, too. The District Court of Helsinki rejected all demands for compensations against Stora Enso, UPM-Kymmene and Metsäliitto last year. According to the ruling, there was not any evidence on the cartel affecting prices of raw wood. This seems like a weird decision but is related to the demands of old competition legislation requiring evidence of damages from victims. However, the new competition legislation of the EU, which took effect in 2016, changed this so that participants of a cartel must show that they have not caused any damages.

celulosa liquidaHow far will the excitement of dissolving pulp take Finland?

Risto Isomäki writes about the spreading excitement about dissolving pulp in Finland. Stora Enso’s mill in Uimaharju will produce only dissolving pulp in the future. There are also plans to start producing it in Kemijärvi, Paltamo and possibly in Äänekoski. There is no doubt about the prospects looking interesting as, for example, at Uimaharju the total capacity of 430,000 tonnes seems to go completely to the use of Chinese textile industry. Cotton, typically used in textiles, has fallen into a catastrophic ecological dead end. According to the Finnish forest industry, by replacing 15 million cubic metres of cotton with wood annually, fields could be released in food production enabling feeding 15 million people. Textile fibres of dissolving pulp are more ecological than other option.

PONSSE Scorpion maquinaPonsse’s net sales increased by 12.5% in the 1H 2018

Ponsse’s consolidated net sales for the 1H 2018 amounted to Euro 291.1 million, which is 12.5% more than in the 1H 2017, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The operating result amounted to Euro 29.5 million, compared to Euro 28.2 million in the 1H 2017. The operating result equalled 10.1% of net sales for the period under review. Consolidated return on capital employed (ROCE) stood at 21.6%.

Order intake for the period totalled Euro 355.7 million, while period-end order books were valued at Euro 187 million.

forest ForestFSC Suspends Dancoal Certificate, Following Sourcing Violations

Bonn, Germany

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) announced today the suspension of Polish manufacturer of barbecue and fireplace products Dancoal Sp. Z.o.o from its certification scheme.

The decision follows an investigation by FSC and Accreditation Services International (ASI), which assesses performance of certification bodies accredited to FSC, following a report from WWF Germany about tropical timber in briquettes supposedly made from temperate European charcoal.

Supply chain mapping conducted by ASI as well as fiber testing of Dancoal products strongly suggested that the tropical timber could not have come from any FSC certified forestry.

TRONCOS Y MAQUINADe la mano de la celulosa y de China el sector forestal registra repunte de exportaciones, que superarán los US$ 1.700 millones

Las exportaciones forestales estarán “por encima de los US$ 1.700 millones” este año, lo que significará un “repunte” respecto a los años anteriores, debido principalmente al incremento de los negocios de colocación de celulosa, rollizos y otros productos en China y demás mercados, dijo a Búsqueda el presidente de la Sociedad de Productores Forestales (SPF), Carlos Faroppa.

Comentó que los precios recibidos por el sector en los mercados externos registraron un aumento en el primer semestre de 2018, teniendo a la celulosa como principal producto de exportación con un valor promedio de unos US$ 600 por tonelada.